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Q: Who owns Drive Systems Ltd?
A: Drive Systems Ltd is an independent Director owned, Company with vast experience of the variable speed and waste water treatment industries.

Q: How long has Drive Systems Ltd been in business?
A: Drive Systems was established in 1986 by it's present Directors, since when it has grown, year on year, to become the market leading organisation, with its products used by all the Major water companies, that it is today.


Q: What provides the Drive for the Distributor?
A: A 0.25 kw 3 Phase electric motor, driving through a high reduction gearbox.

Q: Why is a compressor used in the system?
A: The compressor provides air at a suitable preset pressure to maintain the tension in the drive belt which is installed between the gearbox pulley and the drive ring (mounted on the distributor arms). This gives a positive, preset torque transfer level.

Q: What if the electrical supply to the Drive System fails?
A: The compressed air supply to the belt tensioner is disconnected. This means that the drive belt can go slack, allowing the distributor to rotate freely, i.e. "Jet Reaction" Drive can take over.

Q: What happens if a distributor arm is jammed or obstructed.
A: During the commissioning of the Drive, our engineers will set time belt tension by adjusting the air pressure, such that a positive drive is provided under all normal flow conditions but that torque limitation by slipping of the belt occurs in a "jammed situation". This ensures that no mechanical damage occurs to the distributor or the Drive System Equipment. Whenever the obstruction is removed, the drive will resume rotation of the distributor.

Q: What is the best speed to turn a distributor?
A: This depends on many factors specific to any bed/distributor combination. To accommodate as wide a range of applications as possible, we include in our Drive System, as standard, an inverter drive to allow operation (with our standard speed range) between 3 and 15 revolutions of the distributor per hour but practically any other speed range required can be achieved, if specified at the time of order, by utilising different combinations of gearbox ratio, pulley and ring sizes

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Over 35 years experience and knowledge of manufacturing variable speed electrical control systems. We provide fixed and variable speed drives, control panels and will commission and install both the mechanical equipment and electrical supplies, as required.

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