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Drive Systems consistently embrace innovation to provide a superior level of variable speed drives.

The Drive System Package

The "self propulsion" lottery is replaced by a constant torque gear motor unit, fed from a variable frequency inverter giving speed adjustment and driving a ring which is clamped to the distributor arms and located in the centre well. 

Rotation Monitoring

We can provide, as an integral addition to our control system, monitoring of the distributors rotation with an additional volt free telemetry output indicating that distributor rotation is satisfactory, or has failed.

Special Features

Provision is made for automatically reverting to jet reaction propulsion should the electricity supply to the control panel fail, thus ensuring continuous treatment, albeit at the natural jet reaction speed. 

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Control Systems

Our drive system is specifically engineered to provide reliable and robust performance combined with long life expectancy in line with Water Industry expectations.

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Energy Saving

Energy consumption of our distributor drive systems is very important to us, and to you, and we strive, at all points of the design and installation process, to minimise the energy cost of running one of our distributor drive systems. 

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Rectangular Filter Beds

We have developed  systems to solve the problem of driving rectangular filter bed carriages. Whether rope hauled or independently driven we have a proven solution for you.


Installation & Commissioning

Ensure the correct installation &
commissioning of all Drive Systems products


Experienced Team

Our skilled in-house installation team
will build your system to the highest standards


Maintenance Servicing & Support

Full after care service
to keep things at their best

  1. Driving the distributor at very low speed (1-2 revolutions per hour) for control of flies with means of reverting to a higher speed for selected periods for increased retention time.
  2. Constant loading of the bed by varying the distributor speed in proportion to flow in to the works.
  3. Rotational sensing to indicate to telemetry if the distributor has stopped rotating.
  4. Alternative speed ranges to suit specific SK requirements.
  5. Extra control functions as specified, such as access door safety interlocks.
  6. Backup power supply to maintain distributor drive through mains power outages.
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We are leaders in variable speed electrical drives
providing the highest quality products, services and
solutions to our customers.

We are one of the leading drive systems companies providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers.

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Over 35 years experience and knowledge of manufacturing variable speed electrical control systems. We provide fixed and variable speed drives, control panels and will commission and install both the mechanical equipment and electrical supplies, as required.

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